Scribe is an AI powered Sales Assistant for Your Inside Sales Team

Scribe automates the process from finding prospects, handling objections and qualifying leads to scheduling demos, so that your team can focus on closing deals.

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"Relied on by sales teams, trusted by developers, and beloved by executives, everywhere."

Why Choose Scribe?

Scribe manages leads for you qualifying them and scheduling calls with relevant account executives allowing you to scale your sales efforts rapidly

Let sales reps focus on building relationships

Scribe saves 70% of your team’s time by prospecting leads, handling customer objections and rescheduling missed demos.

Drive more qualified meetings with prospects

Scribe will manage your leads, qualify them according to your criteria and schedule meetings for you, so that you can focus on closing the deals


Scale sales instantly, and increase speed to revenue

If your lead volume increases, Scribe is a trained sales assistant that you can onboard within a day and have available 24x7.

Superior experience for your potential customers

Provide leads a positive and helpful experience with a sales assistant who’s always available, at any hour.

Scribe integrates with over 500 tools

Scribe exists on top of your existing CRM and scheduling solutions and doesn't require any of your workflows to change

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