AI Sales Assistant for Your Inside Sales Team

Scribe magically finds the best prospects, writes highly personalized emails, handles objections and schedules demos with pre-qualified leads

Scribe AI Assistant
Beloved by heads of sales, relied upon by account executives

and trusted by sales development reps, everywhere

A Sales Assistant That Books Demos and Lets You Crush Your Targets

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Build a Predictable Pipeline
Do you lose your pipeline when your sales development rep gets promoted or quits? Don’t wait 3 months to hire and train a new rep. Scribe is already trained, onboards within a day and is available 24x7.
Let Sales Reps Focus On Building Relationships Over Calls
Scribe saves 70% of your team’s time by automating conversations over email, chat and text to handle objections instantly, follow up, and reschedule missed demos.
Keep Prospects Engaged & Drive More Qualified Meetings
Provide leads a positive and helpful experience with a sales assistant who’s always available, at any hour, and has highly personalized conversations.

Outbound Sales

Assistant uses Prospector to find the most targeted leads for you and then reaches out to them via email or text to set appointments.

Inbound Sales

SiteBot qualifies every website visitor in real-time and schedules appointments with hot leads so you don’t waste website traffic.

Scribe works seamlessly with your current sales workflow

Integrates With All Your Favorite Sales Tools Including

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