ICOSuccess is a fast-moving digital agency that designs and implements marketing and strategic planning to help promising ICOs launch without the typical pitfalls. Leading the helm is self-sufficient CEO and founder, Dennis Lewis. Backed by 10+ years of marketing expertise and a forte for digital storytelling, Dennis makes complex projects relatable and easy to understand.

As a digital service agency with impressive clientele and aggressive growth goals, sales specialists at ICOSuccess naturally had a lot on their plates. They needed to evaluate and prioritize their tasks- from optimizing email campaigns to managing social accounts, to engaging crypto-communities online.

One of the main tasks at the top of their list was reaching out to PR journalists and editors with one sole goal: increase brand awareness by getting featured in top publications and websites.

Being a strategic planner, Dennis wanted to optimise every aspect of his team’s time and effort and recognized the shortcomings of manual outreach in terms of the time and effort spent vs returns. He wanted his team to work on the leads they were already getting, while he would single-handedly focus on reaching out to PR journalists.

"When I first came across Scribe I honestly only wanted a tool that would help me reduce the time I was spending in reaching out to media and PR journalists everyday and then answering all their questions. Sometimes they’d even get lost in my overcrowded inbox!"

A smooth journey towards better outreach

For Dennis, making the switch to Scribe wasn’t just about amplifying his email outreach campaigns and tracking its success - his lean team had already taken a crack at automating his email campaigns. Having already given email automation tools a try, Dennis knew the hassles of keeping track of mass email activity, handling objections and actually taking the conversations forward. He would end up spending 1-2 hours a day just replying and following up with journalists who showed signs of interest. The biggest drawback: these solutions lacked the ability to stay on top of every conversation and scale those conversations!
Additionally, Dennis needed to attend conferences and networking events, give demos, acquire new clients, retain the older ones and the list goes on. Basically, he had no time to effectively carry out the repetitive yet important task of building relations with PR journalists. So it came as no surprise when he wanted something that could automate his conversations and simply put create time!

Making communication seamless aka human-in-the-loop approach on Slack

From a product standpoint, Dennis was drawn in by our intelligent objection handling process. For starters, Scribe came trained out of the box to handle common requests and objections like scheduling, reaching out at a later time, being cc-ed to a decision maker, out-of-office, etc.
Further, he loved the human-in-the-loop approach whereby Scribe notified him on Slack in real-time everytime she received a new objection she wasn’t trained to handle. Depending on the urgency and interest of his recipient, Dennis could choose to respond to Scribe on Slack itself or take over the conversation completely. Most often, Dennis would just reply to Scribe - training her and making her smarter in the process! In situations where Scribe identified any journalists on his lead list as hot leads, or directly scheduled a networking call for him - Dennis would jump right in!

Saving a whooping 80% of total time spent on PR

Compared to the 10 hours / week that Dennis was spending in back-and-forth communication, after Scribe started handling his follow-ups and replies, he started spending only an hour a week to train Scribe on different objections received by her. Where he was spending hours just setting up personalised context-specific follow ups, and answering all incoming replies and objections, he now had time to focus on the more demanding tasks and give his PR outreach only day-to-day oversight.

Bottom Line

Moving forward, ICOSuccess aims to become an industry leader in terms of providing marketing services and collateral to promising cryptocurrency projects.
Dennis believes that Scribe will give them the ability to facilitate the conversation and communication strategy necessary to achieve this goal. With Scribe, Dennis found a way to not only reach out to prospective journalists but also build a streamlined fast-lane for his best leads - without shelling out a lot of cash, hiring an extra employee or spending a lot of time.

"Scribe improved and provided efficiencies in a facet of our sales ops that I didn’t think was even possible, significantly increasing our ability to launch outreach campaigns while keeping our costs under control. I believe we’ve uncovered one of the different use cases Scribe handles beautifully!"

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