By introducing Scribe to their Slack workspace, Finly did away with manually combing through and replying to the volume of sales emails they receive on a daily basis.

Finly is an intelligent expense management system that streamlines and automates business spends. Designed to structure better processes in a company, Finly replaces traditional expense reporting tools to provide finance teams strategic cost and time-efficient systems.

As a disruptive and fast-growing company, Finly had just started tapping targeted outbound campaigns as a channel to further accelerate their growth- creating awareness around their distinctive services and setting up demos with leads who show interest.

What they didn’t expect however was the volume of responses they started receiving from their outbound leads- leads that needed to be nurtured, leads whose objections needed handling, leads who could just as easily fall into a competitor’s lap due to a lack of timely responses.

With a rising volume of incoming responses, co-founder and COO Veekshith Rai realised that in order to build a healthy sales pipeline, he needed more manpower to address this high volume of incoming responses.

Yet there were a few bottlenecks: Training new sales hires and getting them up to speed, ensuring fast response times and not to mention, added expenses like salaries and countless overhead costs.

As a expenditure management platform themselves, it was but natural for Finly to want to reduce their own spends, without compromising on efficiency. So it came as no surprise when Veekshith and Finly’s expense consultant Anushrut Khare reached out to us with a simple goal: automate the process of replying to leads so their business development team can focus on only the good ones.

“For us, trying Scribe was all about being able to handle the volume of responses we receive for our sales emails without getting drowned in them."

18% conversations completely automated by Scribe

At Scribe, AI rep Assistant takes care of all conversations she has been trained to, which simply put implies that companies like Finly can add pre-trained responses for the most common objections they get, directly to their objection handling knowledge base for Assistant to learn and use for future conversations.

While pre-trained responses are often assumed to be robotic and less ‘human-like’, at Scribe personalised merge tags and contextual triggers work hard to accurately deliver the human-touch. As a strategic long-term planner, Veekshith recognized the perks of training Scribe to automatically handle their most popular responses and objections they receive. Between him and Anushrut, they identified common objections and added their respective responses to Assistant’s knowledge base.

The end result: Assistant used their objection and respective response pairs to converse with leads resulting in Assistant completely taking care of an overall 18% of their back-and-forth conversations.

49% conversations fast-tracked by Scribe to help Finly focus on their good leads

The way Scribe is built, it only handles conversations:
1. It has been trained for, and
2. Has been given the authority to handle

This level of control was what attracted Veekshith and Anushrut to Scribe in the first place.
In the scenario that Assistant does not know how to respond to a lead’s objection, she instantly alerts sales members on a dedicated Slack channel notifying them of the objection received.
The best part? Veekshith, Anushrut or anyone else on their sales team could reply to Assistant on Slack itself (training her in the process) and let her create and send respective response template to the lead. Except, that’s not where Assistant stops. She uses the training she receives on Slack to create ‘suggested replies’ for similar conversations with leads in the future.
The end result: Assistant when trained in real-time fast-tracked a whooping 49% of their conversations by providing ‘suggested replies’ based on the training she received. For Finly, this was exactly what they wanted from the start: to optimise their time by escalating sales conversations and be able to focus on the good leads.

Saved Finly’s biz dev team 2 hours every day

Before Scribe, Finly’s business development team was spending hours just setting up contextual follow-ups and responding to objections.
After Scribe, with Assistant providing suggested replies for the team to pick from, training on the go and streamlining ‘warm’ and ‘hot’ leads from the bad ones, Finly’s team now only needed to respond to Scribe on Slack(for new incoming objections) and let Scribe identify and handover good leads, leads that need immediate attention and leads that wanted to see a Finly demo directly to their biz dev team.

Bottom Line

Going forward, Finly aims to become an industry leader and go-to solution for businesses looking to optimise their spends.
Veekshith believes that Scribe will give them the ability to facilitate and scale the conversation and communication strategy required to achieve that goal.

“At Finly, we wanted to scale outreach without making our reps' lives miserable- and we got exactly that! Thanks to Scribe, our sales reps have been at the top of their game, saving close to 2 hours everyday yet giving every prospect the attention they deserve.” adds Veekshith.

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