By introducing Scribe as an extension to their inside sales team, Xeno did away with manual sales outreach, endless calls and follow-ups. Not only did their sales team book 2.1x more demos, but 17% of these demos were booked by Scribe’s AI alone.

Ayushmaan Kapoor is the Co-Founder of Xeno, a data-driven B2B SaaS marketing product, helping SMB's increase their sales by a definitive 22% through virtual marketing assistant - Alfred. Bootstrapped from the start and emulating the Atlassian model - Xeno has been growing rapidly since. Calling Ayushmaan a sales superstar would be a grave understatement.

For him, trying Scribe was all about supercharging the productivity of his 9 member sales team. As a tech company that believes in being lean, Ayushmaan needed to ensure they were maximizing their ROI and booking as many qualified demos as possible. Handling common objections from prospects, scheduling calls and rescheduling no-shows are a vital part of the demo-booking process.

However, there was a major drawback: The ability to converse, at scale.

It’s an uphill challenge that a number of growth-stage startups are faced with today - figuring out how to engage a vast lead list, without the need to hire a small army of employees.

“One of the major component for growth hackers was to engage and nurture leads which lead to higher conversions but most of their time would just go in qualifying the lead itself,” recalls Ayushmaan.

Increased lead quality by 2.5x, starting with stale / closed lost leads

Ayushmaan wanted to do away with this manual overdrive and that is exactly what Scribe helped him achieve. After ‘hiring’ Scribe, the sales team saw instant wins. Scribe’s automated sales assistant started re-activating Xeno’s stale and closed-lost leads. With Scribe re-starting conversations and warming up these contacts, the sales team’s call to demo conversion rate increased by 2.5X.Ayushmaan adds, “One of our key challenges has been educating customers with respect to our platform and how it could positively impact their lives wherein most of our Growth Hackers' time would go. Through Scribe we were able to automate the entire process by understanding the real pain points of our target audience.“

Scheduled 208% demo meetings within a week

Scribe focused on automating Xeno’s outreach, follow-up, objection handling conversations and scheduling, and only brought a human into the loop when prospects were ready to get on calls or meet in person. Xeno’s sales representatives could now focus on doing what they do best: crushing their targets.

17% demos scheduled by Scribe’s AI, alone

Assistant’s conversational approach to outreach and follow-up, coupled with seamless objection handling, successfully scheduled 17% new demos for Xeno from scratch.While Xeno was expecting to introduce a human to persuade prospects, seeing scheduled demos on their calendar without having to do so came as a surprising  perk of using Scribe.

Reduced customer acquisition costs (CAC) by 50%

Lifetime value (LTV) - CAC is the magic number that every CEO, CRO, VP of Sales and….potential investor lives and dies by. Costs associated with sales outreach have always been responsible for an exploding CAC - beginning with the additional salaries and overhead if one were to scale. With Scribe acting as an extension of their sales team, working alongside their sales representatives, Xeno was now perfectly positioned to scale their customer acquisition efforts, without worrying about their burn rate.

Bottom Line

As an AI-powered marketing automation tool, Xeno saw Scribe, a conversational sales automation tool as a pleasant surprise!

“It’s not that Scribe is simply booking more demos and saving us time and money doing it, they’re making our entire sales funnel more efficient!” adds Ayushmaan.

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