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With Scribe Prospector you can perform advanced search of leads with granular precision allowing sales representatives to perform outbound targeting at scale.

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Why Choose Prospector ?

Scribe Prospector is a growing list of over 50 million verified leads spanning multitude of industries which augments the scribe virtual sales assistant product. We however also provide prospector as a product to a select number of our customers

over 50 Million leads

We maintain a constantly growing and uptodate list of over 50 million active leads and regularly verify their email accuracy

Contextual Data

Each lead you buy is accompanied with contextual data spanning over 40 different signals to help you personalize your cold outreach

Cheapest in the market

Club our prospector product alongwith our virtual sales assistant to acheive maximum returns for each dollar you spend

Scribe integrates with over 500 tools

Scribe exists on top of your existing CRM and scheduling solutions and doesn't require any of your workflows to change

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