Use Cases

Leverage Scribe to sell smarter, save time and boost your sales team's productivity.

Outsource Outreach

Pick from our targeted sales email sequences or create new ones to be sent on behalf of your sales representatives. Scribe personalizes each sequence with text replacements, tags and triggers, handles lead objections, analyses lead behavior to ultimately handover 'warm' and 'hot' leads directly to your sales reps.

Nurture Inbound Leads

Initiate and automate conversations with your inbound leads and let Scribe follow up and schedule demo meetings and calls for you. Backed by smart objection handling with you-in-the-loop, Scribe responds to lead replies to nurture and make them sales ready.

Upsell like a pro

The most successful SAAS companies generate 32-35%  of their revenue through upsells- there’s no reason why you shouldn’t too. Upselling nurture funnels get the most common objections from customers, which Scribe handles and automates with your assistance, up until they’re ready to upgrade.

Revive stale leads

Are your promising old leads falling through the cracks? You’re not alone. Not having enough time to rejuvenate stale leads has been an age-old challenge for sales teams. With Scribe, you can now add personalised context like feature updates, exciting announcements, PR launches and lucrative offers as context to automate and scale reactivation of old leads and bringing them back into active sales funnels.

Post-event networking and follow up

Meeting someone at a trade show or conference and following up with them has never been easier. With Scribe you can set up after-event follow-ups to engage a person you met and personalise the same sequence to scale for all networking outreach efforts in the future, while Scribe focuses on scheduling demo calls and meetings for you.

Power your support team

Don’t wait hours to respond to inquiries from potential and existing customers alike. Automate inquiry responses with Scribe’s smart objection handling and real-time updates on Slack to stay on top of your customers’ needs, 24/7.
The best part? The inquiries you answer once, you don’t need to again!

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